Trademob is an international platform for mobile app advertising. Uses real-time bidding tech and is connected to hundreds of SSPs, ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners. The Berlin-based technology company serves its clients using a combination of its proprietary advertising technologies, including a demand-side platform for real-time bidding, and an extensive network of several hundred international mobile ad networks, SSPs, RTB exchanges and media partners. In this way, the data-driven company is able to advertise and promote an app at any point in its lifecycle, reaching over one billion users worldwide, connecting advertisers with the right target group in the right environment, at any point in the app’s lifecycle. Employing a dedicated, international team of experts, Trademob provides support from user acquisition and retention using display advertising and other products, through to retargeting using RTB technologies.


  • Single SDK integration with detailed campaign tracking including click/download reporting, user registrations, bookings, and in-app-purchases
  • Employs the most relevant mobile ad networks on an individual campaign basis
  • Supports all standard mobile advertising formats including mobile search, web-to-app, app-to-app, rich media and mobile social media
  • Campaigns are run on a per-budget-basis

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