Bizness Apps

BiznessApps provides a platform to help create mobile apps for businesses a very simple process. It provides a wealth of features, including food ordering, shopping cart, loyalty programs, dynamic content, third party integrations, push notifications, comprehensive analytics and more.

You donĀ“t need any progamming skills in order to build a beautiful and fully functional app. By using this great platform, you can target different businesses by offering them a wide range of great features that can enhance communication with their customers on a daily basis. And as weill creating brand awareness and sales growth by using customer retention features.The future is even looking more fantastic. Due to the fact, that the team behind the BiznessAppsĀ“ platform is working hard to creating amazing and improving current app features. This allows you as a reseller to focus on your core business – which is getting new businesses on the App Stores.

The easy-to-use content management system allows you to create an app in minutes, and customize everything using pre-built designs or your own. There are also real-time previews to check your progress as you design and develop your app.You can instantly update your app online, and modify everything inside, without having to send your app for a lengthy update with Apple or Google. There are weekly webinars on how to build beautiful mobile apps using the BiznessApps platform, along with access to hundreds of tutorial articles, to help make the process even easier.



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